Additional Development Projects

Interfaith Housing Development - Independence House
Construction of a new four-story, 26 unit residential building with support facilities. Energy Conservation work funded by DCCA.

Vision House
514 East 50th Place
Multi-unit project -- day care center constructed later, see below). Conversion of a former Provident Hospital Nurses' Training Facility to 25 apartments and support facilities for women with children that have been impacted by AIDS.
Received 3rd place in the Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards 1997 'The Richard Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design.'

Children’s Place at Vision House
50th & Vincennes, Chicago, IL
Construction of a new 20,000 sq.ft. building dedicated to serving children impacted with HIV/AIDS.
1st place in the Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards 2002 ‘The Richard Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design.

Family Rescue: Transitional Housing and Daycare
6820 South Ridgeland, Chicago, IL
Conversion and renovation of an existing building containing 24 apartments and renovation of basement space for a four classroom daycare center for 100 children.

Lawndale Restoration
Renovation of 8 multi-family residential structures

Neighborhood Housing Services
Pine & Race, Chicago, IL
De-conversion and renovation of existing 48-unit building with a majority of one bedroom units to a total of 36 two and three bedroom units.

557 Pine and 743 N. Central, Chicago, IL
De-conversion and gut renovation of existing 30 unit building to 24 unit building. Construction was super-insulated as required by ENR.

743 N. Central
De-conversion of existing 57 unit building to 54 units. The goal of this project was to construct an energy efficient "moderate" rehab, including 3 accessible units.

East Garfield Partnership II
Renovation of 5 buildings and parking lot

3540 Monroe, 217-19 Central Park & 3545 West Van Buren
Complete renovation of three buildings containing 36 apartments

901 N Hamlin, Chicago, IL
Gut renovation of a 10 unit building. Construction was super-insulated as required by ENR. Radiant heating embedded in all floors.

3302-04 West LeMoyne, Chicago, IL
First green building in the city of Chicago”
Rather than demolish this existing 4 unit building, we de-converted it to 2 “side by side” townhouses. The focus of this project was to use renewable & recycled building materials, "green" products and include the standard ENR energy efficient details. In addition, we used a combined furnace and hot water heater.

Daycare Facility for T.W.O.
6400 South Cottage Grove Chicago, IL
Renovation and conversion of an existing one story grocery store/office building to a 20,000 sf daycare center for 120 children and 12 infants.

CEDA Daycare Center
655 South Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL
Existing office building converted to a facility for Head Start for 34 three to five year old children.

Effie Ellis Daycare Center
10 South Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60624
Converted an obsolete health facility to a teaching daycare center.

Christway Baptist Church, Chicago, IL
Designed a multi-purpose room addition to the existing church; included commercial kitchen and connecting link to main church.

Harold Washington Library Store, Chicago, IL
Designed interior spaces for a store and cafe on the first floor.

Christway Baptist Church
Concept Projects - Master Plan for a Block on Dorchester
Created a plan to rehab 11 buildings containing 120 apartments; unified buildings through common backyards, landscaping, and signage.

York Square
New 25-unit townhouse development on three sites. Affordable, family sized units with attached garages.